Teach me to dance
   to the beat of your heart
teach me to move
  in the power of your Spirit
teach me to walk
  in the light of your presence,
teach me to dance
  to the beat of your heart.
Teach me to love
  with your heart of comapssion,
teach me to trust
  in the word of your promise;
teach me to hope
  in the day of your coming,
teach me to dance
  to the beat of your heart.

You wrote the rhythm of life,
created heaven and earth;
in you is joy without measure.
So like a child in your sight.
I dance to see your delight,
for I was made for your pleasure,
          Teach me to dance ....

Let all my movement express
a heart that loves to say yes,
a will that leaps to obey you;
let all my energy blaze
to see the joy in your face;
let my whole being praise you,
    praise you
          Teac me to dance ....

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